GMAT Journey – Background

Posted: March 20, 2012 in GMAT Journey
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A bachelors degree from St.Josephs College of Engineering (affiliated to Anna University), Chennai was the starting point of my love for pursuing MBA from a top B-School. Its been nearly 5 years since I graduated and I haven’t done much in all these years to achieve my dream. Worked in a software company like every other BE graduate did and finally decided to take my GMAT with very less preparation last year in November 2010 and scored a 49 (I dont even remember the split up that’s how irritated I was).

An year passed, work was getting too monotonous for me and I felt I was getting bored. A sudden spark on the 1st week November 2011 and I decided to quit my job and prepare full time for GMAT. Not sure where I got the courage from but hey I know I had to do this at some point as I was an average student right from my childhood. Spoke to my parents,EDNA (that’s how I call her;-)), friends, colleagues and they all encouraged me to go ahead and prepare for my GMAT.

Finally, end of December I was out of the company and was all charged up to prepare for my GMAT. 3 Months passed since then and I must say I haven’t made any progress with my studies. The only thing I could do in this 3 month was to brush up my basics in quants and verbal. I was pathetic in my basics. I took a diagnostic after 15 days of preparation elapsed over 45 days and I scored a 540. Well, I knew I was ready to prepare for GMAT.


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