GMAT Journey – Day 2 – Final Break

Posted: March 22, 2012 in GMAT Journey
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Just another ‘Do Nothing’ day comes to an end. 🙂

Slept till 9 in the morning and had a very good traditional south Indian breakfast – Ghee Roast, Vada and a filter kaapi… soo yummm. Got back home by 10 and my maid helped me clean my room so that I can start studying from tomorrow.

I didn’t want to think about GMAT and get myself worked out too much. I decided to enjoy the remaining half of my break. Watched two movies – Arthur, a high lifestyle movie, and Moneyball , a   Inspiring story of a baseball team manager. Two contrasting movies and I felt really relaxed.

Evening, I met a priest, Father Britto Peter, a Jesuit, he had counselled me when I was in college and it’s been nearly 7 years since we met. He was happy to meet me today and I shared my GMAT experiences with him. He gave me some useful tips to improve :

  1. Never think about what you want to achieve rather think about what you have achieved. This will give you more confidence. I felt this was a very good idea as it will also ease the pressure to perform.
  2. Don’t study continuously for more than 2 hours. Take short and timed breaks after 2 hours of study.
  3. Try to apply all the concepts that you study. Do not answer a question if you don’t know the concept.

I thought he just nailed all the problems that I had. Anyways, it was great to meet him today and I am all charged up to start my preparation from tomorrow. As I planned yesterday, I have decided my strategy for the rest of the preparation.

Materials to use:

  • Quants – MGMAT Strategy Guides, GMAT Club Tests
  • Verbal – MGMAT Strategy Guides, Power score CR, e-gmat verbal complete

And then went through the e-gmat recording session – Develop your personalize study plan and decided on a plan for the next two weeks.

Plan for the next two weeks: (22-03-12 to 05-04-2012)

It is just going to be Verbal, Verbal and Verbal. Maths I can always improve and I am planning to spend 15 days in April on this. For the moment I just want to master verbal. This plan might sound risky but I have the confidence that it will work. J

  • Sentence Correction – 4 hours per day on e-gmat – as per the ‘e-gmat SC study plan’. By the end of this prep, I would have finished OG as well.
  • Critical Reasoning – 3 hours per day on e-gmat – as per the ‘e-gmat CR study plan’ in combination with power score CR guide. By the end of this, I would have finished OG CRs as well.
  • Reading Comprehension – Two passages a day from OG, IF time permits. I am not really going to concentrate on this section as there is a very little scope of improvement on this.

That’s it I am all set for my prep starting tomorrow. THIS PLAN WILL WORK and I AM SURE I WILL GET THERE.

BTW, I couldn’t hit the gym as planned yesterday because of the unplanned meeting with father Britto. Planning to go tomorrow evening.

Now, going to watch one last movie, MR.Deeds and I hope it’s funny. No movies for the next 30 days/till I finish my GMAT.

Dinner time – Chappathi and Mushroom(yuck I hate it). These lent days are just killing me without any taste of blood…. 😉


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