GMAT Journey – Day 3

Posted: March 23, 2012 in GMAT Journey
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I was pepped-up last night to start my GMAT prep early today morning but the late night movie, Mr.Deeds played a spoil sport. I woke up at 7 and started to reply to all the unanswered posts in gmat club. I decided that it would be better to do only sentence correction and skip the Critical reasoning for today.

In sentence correction, I took up the e-gmat course from the start. Finished my diagnostic test and scored a 71%. Then as per the e-gmat schedule, I took up the next three sessions – Significance of meaning, Sentence Structure part 1 and part 2. These sessions cover

  • Clauses and  phrases – Also a detailed analysis of comma and semi colon usage
  • Significance of meaning – The importance of understanding the meaning of sentence in GMAT.

It was time for a post assessment quiz and I scored a 90% but it was a very very basic quiz so I am not getting carried away.

Evening, it was time for the gym and I enrolled myself in the so called best gym in Dindigul. Did some basic workouts and got back home. Some shopping of diet food as well. J

Its going to be a busy day tomorrow and I am looking forward to it.

Good Night.


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