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GMAT Journey – Days 9 to 24

Posted: April 12, 2012 in GMAT Journey
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Sorry guys, I was completely occupied and didn’t feel like blogging at all. I must accept that it is hard to convince myself to blog. 😀

And the most awaited answer to the question – So what’s with my GMAT prep these days?? Well here it is…

I completed the e-GMAT course both CR and SC on 5th April as planned and I managed to take a Grockit test over the Easter weekend.
BTW, I took a 3 day break over the Easter weekend and I got a chance to travel back home (KanyaKumari, my native) and stay with my parents for few days. It was truly refreshing. 🙂

I was surprised when I scored 620 because I skipped 15 questions in verbal section and got a 31 in verbal and 45 in quants. However, in the skipped section I got only 2 or 3 right and I was very happy with this performance in verbal. And hey, Quants 45 is also good considering the fact that I didn’t touch my quants book for nearly two weeks.

Wondering why I skipped the test?? My mom thought I was showing off when I asked her not to speak me while taking the test. 😀 Had to skip the test and convince her. GIRRRLLLSSSS 😉

Well the plan for the rest of the preparation period is going to be to work on the Grockit study plan. This is effective because it allows you to concentrate and practice only your week areas. I am little skeptical about the difficulty level in Grockit because I feel that it is sometimes very easy to solve. Anyways, that really doesn’t matter because I am making so many mistakes even in those easy questions, which means that I need to improve on it. I still have around 18 GMAT club Quant tests, which are unused, so I am looking to somehow squeeze it in my study plan.

One Major Study to do is the RC section. I still haven’t started the OG bits of it. I strongly feel that it is tough to improve on RC at this stage and probably will take up the test without any preparation on the RC section. Guys, just to let you know I am a VERY BAD reader. I read the SC and CR questions twice to understand the meaning. That is how bad I am. 😦



P.S. Will try and keep and keep updating this blog as frequent as possible.